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Dipamkara is committed to building scalable business using highly innovative and disruptive technologies and processes in a socially inclusive manner.

In this age of change and fast evolving businesses, Dipamkara believes that the Internet is evolving every day and is throwing up several opportunities for businesses and organizations to build newer, more efficient businesses and disrupt existing ways of doing business.

With a team that has been at the forefront of innovation and success in manufacturing, technology, financial inclusion, Dipamkara is ideally positioned to deliver and sustain socially inclusive business growth consistently.

Another area where Dipamkara is working is in enhancing competitiveness of the Indian SME space, which has potential to innovate and become the backbone of the economy. At the core of Dipamkara’s values are integrity, financial discipline and transparency. Building scalable enterprises in an uncompromising manner and with the best of governance is an avowed objective of Dipamkara.

Dipamakara will continue to work to establish businesses with these core values.

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